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Der Engel


YOGA aND MEDItATION on holiday

Find inner peace

We have never had as many opportunities as we have today. We have never been bombarded with as much information as we are today. And the world has never been changing as fast as it is today. Yet we often spend too much time in the past or the future, neglecting the here and now. For all those who feel they have lost the ground beneath their feet, perhaps a leap with us into the world of Zen can move mountains. Here at Der Engel we offer a variety of courses aimed at positive mental health, including yoga, meditation and qi gong. A great way to clear your head and find inner peace.

the peace of the mountains

Time to take a break

There are few feelings more special than finally reaching the summit of a mountain after many hours of hiking. A brief moment of eurphoria. But it is the long journey itself, the many steps, which are food for the soul. The sights of rushing mountain streams, the sounds of marmots whistling to each other. The smell of fresh hay and pine trees. The cooling breeze on your skin. The time to reflect, ponder, consider. A world away from the stress of daily life. A place of total freedom. For it is only when you get to the top that you can truly appreciate where you have been.


We hold several yoga and meditation
courses and workshops per week.
  • Mind, body and soul meditation
  • Pranayama breathing meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Anxiety-specific meditation
  • 5 Tibetan rites meditation
  • Gong meditation
  • Acoustic journey meditation
  • Kneipp water therapy
  • Qi Gong
  • Yoga for all
  • Yin yoga
  • Yoga nidra

with Nicole Schäfer at the Hotel Engel
YOUR time-out: Holistic coaching for body, mind and soul.

I accompany you back into your power

Do you long to simply be YOU instead of constantly adapting?
Do you want to really enjoy your life instead of just chasing happiness?
Are you ready to awaken your strengths, talents and potentials, to follow your calling and live YOUR best life?
Do you feel that the old is no longer working in your life, but the new is not yet showing itself?
And do you want to return home full of energy and joy of life, completely in YOUR power?

Wonderful, then let's start right away with YOUR JOURNEY!

With my individual coaching especially for women, you have the opportunity here and now to use your time out from everyday life in the best possible way for YOU and to tackle your challenges and other issues in a #englike way.

In individual coaching, I support you in hearing your inner voice again and thus getting back in touch with yourself. In coaching you gain clarity for YOU and YOUR issues in an all-round trusting and protected setting. Together we will find the answers that you have already been carrying within you for a long time - and thus pave the way for YOUR new, powerful and fulfilled life.

Karmic connections, unresolved blockages and the dynamics of your family of origin often play an important role when it comes to working through your individual issues. With the help of constellation work, we bring your inner images to the outside and make currently hidden blockages visible, which we then dissolve in appreciation, gratitude and love. My role is that of a trusting companion: you will never receive any instructions or predetermined solutions from me. Instead, I offer you sensitive, yet always solution-oriented support for exactly YOUR path.

Together we look at your individual talents, strengths and special abilities. We also get to the bottom of your dreams, longings and desires. In systemic coaching we enable you to think big, powerfully and freely, to recognise your inner sources of strength and to use them in the best possible way for yourself in the future.

To take home with you, we develop small activities and rituals for your everyday life. This way you can consolidate your positive change in the long term. In addition, you will receive a workbook made by me with exercises to deepen YOUR insights gained in the coaching as well as accompanying materials and valuable impulses for YOU on YOUR new path.

I come to you. We work in a protected room in the hotel. The coaching begins with a 90-minute meeting to get to know each other. Here you will already gain initial clarity and new insights for YOU. Afterwards YOU decide whether I am the right person for you and whether you want to continue working with me.

Coaching session with Nicole 90 min each € 280

Get in touch with Nicole

Nicole Schäfer, psychological counsellor, systemic therapist, women's coach and expert in working with family constellations.


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