Medical Treats

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Our Orgänic Treats are not to be found everywhere between heaven and earth, but thanks to our competent team only at Der Engel. Our Medical Treats include Kinesiotaping, Trigger or Cranio-Sacral. Each treatment is individual and adapted to the respective needs.

Physio Therapy


Physiotherapeutic treatment is intended to relieve pain, make people more mobile or strengthen weakened muscles. In this way, various injuries or illnesses are treated or preventive measures are taken. Each treatment is individual and is adapted to the complaints. Tensions are relieved, mobility is restored, muscle elasticity is optimised and pain is alleviated.

ca. 50 mins
€ 128,00

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is considered a treatment concept for pain reduction, joint support, activation of the lymphatic system and improvement of muscle function.

€ 25,00

Lymph drainage

Ear Candle with Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Ear candle therapy is known for its relaxing effect on body, mind and soul. The sinuses are cleared for better breathing. Facial lymph drainage stimulates the removal of excess fluid.

Ear Candle with Facial Lymphatic Drainage
ca. 50 mins
€ 98,00
Only Ear Candle
ca. 25 mins
€ 48,00

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage removes the accumulated lymph fluid and thus supports venous return.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
ca. 50 mins
€ 82,00
Manual partial body Lymphatic Drainage
ca. 25 mins
€ 50,00

Medical Massage

Spinal Correction according to Dorn-Breuss

Misalignments of the vertebral bodies can have considerable consequences for the entire organism. We start with a Breuss massage, then the joints are adjusted to the neutral position and the vertebrae are corrected. Specific exercises follow at the end.

ca. 50 mins
€ 95,00

Fascial massage

A combination of a deep fascial massage, fascia tools and massage cups that promote blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and release tension.

ca. 80 mins
€ 145,00

Individual Treatment

Individual Treatment

Health and well-being are as individual as each person themselves. With a great deal of empathy and on the basis of many years of experience, our experts work together with each guest to develop a treatment programme tailored to their personal needs. To be able to let yourself go with complete confidence and float between heaven and earth - this is only possible at Der Engel

ca. 50 mins
€ 98,00
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