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Time for two, just me and you

Is this the right place to philosophise about love? Probably not. Because if you are browsing this page, you clearly want to spend some time together with your favourite person. And we think that's a good thing. Whether it's a whole package or just a bath – that's up to you two, of course. We have lovingly put together a selection of wellness treatments and packages for couples. A time-out for two somewhere between Heaven and Earth. We will leave the romantic side of things to you. Whether rose petals, sparkling wine, chocolate-covered fruit or the apple of seduction – you create, the messengers of the gods deliver!

romantic treatments for couples

Alpienne Power of the Mountains - for Couples

A special package for muscles, joints and overall well-being. Begins with a honey pine peeling followed by the soothing power of the Swiss pine tree in a pine bath, which is particularly effective for vegetative sleep disorders and sensitivity to the weather. Then we pamper your muscles and joints with marmot oil, arnica, St. John's wort and a mousse wrap. Finally, take a few minutes to rest on pine cushions in our cosy corner.

ca. 150 mins
€ 320,00

St. Barth's Angel Magic - For Couples

A special package for body, mind and soul. Start together with a peeling of fresh papayas and Caribbean sea sand. Then enjoy a scented experience of coconut, vanilla, avocado, tiare and roucou oil in a St. Barth dream bath. We will pamper you with sparkling wine, fruit and small snacks. Freshly invigorated, you can then relax with a luxury body treatment including an exquisite body wrap and a soothing massage.

ca. 150 mins
€ 320,00

In Harmony - for Couples

A special package using the ancient healing effect of sound. Here you will experience the magical effect of the Tibetan singing bowls together, which will bring you into harmony with the universe.

ca. 80 mins
€ 130,00

Light as a Feather - for Couples

Special package for legs and feet. Couples can enjoy a herbal foot bath together using a special Swiss pine foot pool followed by an arnica foot/leg massage and then a foot/leg wrap.

ca. 50 mins
€ 118,00

Romantic Bath - For Couples

Pampering treatment for couples. Enjoy relaxing moments in our double bathtub with a glass of sparkling wine, fresh fruit and small snacks.

ca. 45 mins
€ 68,00
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