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The fine art of doing nothing

Let yourself fall and we will catch you. Or hide away for a few hours in one of our cosy nests like a bird hibernating for winter. The only sounds to be heard? The gentle babble of flowing water and birdsong outside. Here at our Organic Spa we have made relaxing into an art form. Come and find out what we mean.

What you can look forward to on your visit to Der Engel:

  • Large bird-nest hideaway
  • Smaller nests for individuals and couples
  • Chairs suspended from the ceiling
  • Hand-woven net to relax in
  • Chillout room? Ommmmmmm ; )
  • Waterbeds
  • Sun islands in our Alpine Garden
  • Relaxing recliners in our outdoor area

the organic spa

Back to the roots

From topping up those vitamin D levels on a recliner in the sun to hiding away in one of our little nests, there are many ways to relax here at the Organic Spa. Materials such as wood, clay, moss, stone and wool, as well as a wide selection of plants (not a plastic one in sight!) give you the feeling of being close to nature. Listen out for the sounds of the forest such as birdsong and other animal noises.

To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.

Oscar Wilde


Dreams are how the human mind processes what it has experienced during the day. When we awake, we ponder on their meaning. And here at Der Engel there is no better place to do precisely that than our chillout rooms. Leave the stress and fast pace of everyday life behind and find inner peace. Earthy colours, natural materials and minimalist furnishing create the perfect environment for a little quiet reflection.

  • Kuschelnest im Pure Organic Spa mit Vorhang und Ausblick auf den Entspannungspool | Der Engel in Tirol
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