our philosophy

Connection. Relaxation. Temptation.
Our three core principles.

Situated in the Tannheim Valley in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol, Der Engel is a place somewhere between Heaven and Earth. This spa hotel in Grän, a mountain village where our roots go back generations, has grown over decades to become what it is today. After so much hard work to make our vision come true, we decided it was time to also treat ourselves to a new website. The idea? As Einstein once said it should be "as simple as possible, but not simpler". We agree wholeheartedly. But where to start when there is so much to say? Maybe it's best to go back to basics and tell you about our principles. These can be summed up in three words: Connection, Relaxation, Temptation. Curious? Read on to find out more.

Our motto? Somewhere between Heaven and Earth. Our mantra? The New Orgänic. Our principles? Connection, Relaxation, Temptation.

Nobody can quite remember how the name Der Engel came about, but all these years later it is still the perfect fit for our hotel. Der Engel stands for tradition & quality, humanity & heart, lightness & humour. It is an expression of where we come from, who we are – and where we are going. As you explore our hotel you will find many colours and materials inspired by nature. Here at Der Engel our mantra is The New Orgänic and sustainability is much more than just a slogan. We may not be perfect (who is?), but we also don't pretend to be. We never take ourselves too seriously, yet we strive to help our guests make the most of every day with us. That's what makes Der Engel so relatable, so human – a home from home where guests love coming back. Here, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, everything – or at least almost everything – is possible. Der Engel is a place to get your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. We look forward to accompanying you on every step of your journey. Sounds complicated? It couldn't be more simple. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.


Der Engel

Our hotel
Our family
Our vision
Our home
Your home from home

Dominant colours:
black, brown

This bit of our website tells you everything you need to know about Der Engel from A to Z – apart from stuff about the spa and food at the hotel, which have their own separate sections. You will find out about our roots, our vision. A place to settle down, to dream, to collect memories to take home. Who knows, maybe we will see you again? We certainly hope so.



The Orgänic Spa

Our water
Our garden (of Eden ; )
Our saunas
Our chillout areas
Our spirit
Your beauty

Dominant colours:
white, cream, grey

This area of the website is a hommage to the fine art of relaxation. Lie back and let your worries melt away in a world of hot saunas and fresh mountain air. Purity is what it is all about – a cleansing of mind, body and soul. Welcome to somewhere between Heaven and Earth. And at the heart of it all: you.



Culinary delights

Our kitchen
Our dining rooms
Our hut
Your drink

Dominant colour:

This section of the website is all about temptation of the culinary variety. We all know that the way to a man's (and, of course, woman's) heart is through their stomach. Here at Der Engel our chefs looks forward to taking you on a culinary journey with a mix of traditional and international cuisine served in one of our 15 (!) traditional wood-panelled dining rooms. Bon appétit, or as we say here in Austria: "Mahlzeit!"

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