In flow with body,
Mind & Soul

Ayurveda translates as the "science of long life" and holds a lot of treasures for our health and well-being. What do we appreciate so much about the holistic concept of life? That it teaches us how to maintain our health, vitality and zest for life into old age or how to find it again in all situations.


The pearl of Ayurvedic massages. Full body massage with warm, individually tailored oils. The special massage technique has a positive effect on the skin, nervous system, muscles, veins and arteries, cardiovascular system and lungs. It supports and stimulates the body's own cleansing and detoxification. A relaxing experience for body, mind and soul.

ca. 80 mins
€ 139,00


Shake the weight off your shoulders. Head, shoulder and neck area are extensively massaged with selected warm oils. The scalp is vitalized and nourished, the shoulders are loosened, the mind becomes calm. Peace and relaxation set in.

ca. 50 mins
€ 98,00


Become more flexible. During the Ayurvedic back and neck massage with warm oils, muscles are loosened and blockages are released.

ca. 50 mins
€ 98,00

Padabhyanga incl. foot bath

Because the feet carry us throughout our lives. Ayurvedic foot massage causes a very light and relaxing feeling in the feet, calms the mind and promotes sleep.

ca. 50 mins
€ 98,00

Ayurveda Package

Ayurvedic Time Out - give your years more life and your life more years.

  • Padabhyanga
  • Ayurvedic herbal peeling (can only be booked as a package)
  • Abhyanga
€ 289,00
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