Apparative Cosmetics

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A heavenly realisation!
All the better that our apparative cosmetics include treatments with a visible immediate effect. Highly effective serums and extracts get under the skin, but in a gentle way. With special devices whose effectiveness has been proven and confirmed by extensive scientific tests and studies.


In the field of aesthetic cosmetics, mesotherapy is currently the most innovative and effective method for rejuvenating the appearance of the skin. Tiny moisture channels in the skin are opened for fractions of a second by a specific current frequency. With the help of electrical impulses, active ingredient concentrates are transported directly into deeper layers of the skin, thereby skilfully overcoming the natural skin barrier and providing plumping.

ca. 80 mins
€ 140,00


Ideal before any facial treatment. This treatment is based on the removal of the dead cellular material on the skin with diamond attachments and immediate suction using a vacuum system.

- Reduction of pigmentation disorders
- Reduction of age spots
- Reduction of skin blemishes
- Reduction of scars
- Refinement of skin texture

ca. 80 mins
€ 140,00

Anti Toxic Face Treatment

The more toxins and acids are stored in the skin, the faster it ages. These are environmental toxins and substances that we absorb through breathing and food. The skin can now be magnetically freed from deposits. Anti-Toxic introduces toxin-binding serums into the skin. The toxins are then extracted with special magnets. The complexion is fresh, clean and well perfused. This treatment includes cleansing, enzyme peeling and the Anti-Toxic treatment.

ca. 80 mins
€ 120,00

Radio Frequency Face Treatment

CNC treatment is a proved technology to fight signs of aging in the face and neck area. It involves heating the tissue under the skin using radiofrequency waves. This activates the regeneration and new formation of collagen fibers, promotes blood circulation and stimulates metabolic processes. In this way, the skin can be tightened and smoothed from the inside out and all the way to the surface. The fast, noticeable and visible results speak for themselves.

- New collagen formation
- Stimulation of metabolic processes
- Lifting of the cheek area
- Reduction of lines and wrinkles
- Redefinition of contours

ca. 110 mins
€ 159,00
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