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Show kitchen

show kitchen

All just show?
Or actually
real life?

Time for an interesting story. In Tyrolean farmhouses there always used to be two kitchens: one to be shown to curious guests (spotlessly clean, sweet-smelling and cosy) and a second that was accessible via a back door. A secret room, so to speak. And that's where the real cooking was done. Understandably, it was not always 100% spotless. So you can see, show kitchens are deeply rooted in Tyrolean tradition. If you are curious to find out how our chefs work feel free to come and take a look. We have adopted the principle of the show kitchen here at Der Engel, even though our working kitchen is, of course, also impeccably clean. At least it is as long as our chefs are still asleep ...

show kitchen

Our show kitchen is where the magic happens. Where salads and steaks get together. Where tea and coffee are served. Where sweet goes up against savoury. A harmony of culinary contrasts!

Innovative & creative, regional & rooted in the valley, honest & sustainable, sometimes alpine & sometimes international, vegan & vegetarian on request, gluten & lactose free if required. Natural & organic. One thing is always guaranteed: Remo Haußer & Sebastian Fischer make food that tastes simply heavenly.

Remo & Basti
  • Küchenchefs Basti und Remo am Herd mit Kochdopf und fliegendem Deckel | Der Engel in Tirol
    Laurel & Hardy?
    No, Remo & Basti!
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