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When here in the Tannheimm Valley the church bells ring at 12 o'clock midday, lunch still won't be served for another hour. After all, they say that good things come to those who wait. Sit down in one of our 15 wood-panelled dining rooms and let the scent wafting out from the kitchen whet your appetite until it is finally time to eat. Bon appétit, or as we say here in Austria: "Mahlzeit!"

Best served fresh.
Like here at Der Engel.

Our healthy and hearty breakfast buffet with different themes has everything you need to start the day the right way. Have eggs or waffles freshly prepared to your liking, or keep it classic with a pastry, butter, jam and honey. Those with a sweet tooth are well catered for with cakes, sweet treats and the famous Kaiserschmarrn. Vitamins and plenty of energy for the day are provided by muesli, fruit, nuts and freshly squeezed juices. And if you prefer something hearty we have regional cheeses and cold meats, smoked salmon and warm snacks. With so much to choose from, we recommend starting with a pot of tea, a cappuccino or a glass of sparkling wine and then going from there!

Lunch or midday snack? However you want to call it, our buffet is full of things you like and things that make you happy. You will find a variety of salads and antipasti, cold and hot dishes, sweet and savoury options, soups and snacks and, of course, plenty of CAKE!

Our delicious cake buffet is an essential part of your stay at Der Engel. Resistance is futile. Non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea are included until 17:00. For health-conscious guests we also have a separate wellness buffet.

Good food is a must here in the Austrian Tyrol and especially at Der Engel. We are well known for our culinary skills and rumour has it that some guests come to our gourmet hotel just for the cuisine. No wonder, the six-course gourmet menu offers a choice of four main courses, meaning you can select your favourite option every evening. In addition there are various themed evenings, from a Kitchen Party to a Gourmet Buffet to a Traditional Hut Evening. We use mainly seasonal products from the region, lovingly prepared by our dedicated team of chefs. Are these earthly delights or manna from heaven? Whatever the case, the main thing is that it tastes good!

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Fine wines

Cosy setting

We have 15 dining rooms for a good reason. There is something for every taste. All grown in the region or inspired by the world outside our valley. Can't make up your mind? You might find some help here.

Take a seat!


Show kitchen

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen? Not here! Chefs Remo love it when you watch thhim at work, so come into our show kitchen where you can see your meal being prepared before you eyes.

Enjoy your meal!


Fine wine

Vernatsch, Burgunder, Veltliner. You don't have to understand the names of the wines here at Der Engel to enjoy them. Our cellar has around 200 excellent wines from some of the world's top vineyards. Cheers to that!

Raise a glass!


Gerold Mattersberger

A hunter's tale

"We are traditionally rooted in the Tyrol and have a passion for nature, the people and the produce around our hotel. Farmers not only preserve the landscape but also create wonderful things to eat that carry the soul of the region. I think you can taste the love and dedication that has gone into the creation of a food, just as you can feel the passion that a host puts into looking after his guests. As a hunter, I can contribute to the preservation of nature and hunt for our kitchen. Game from the Tannheim Valley is hard to beat in terms of quality and freshness. That's our secret to good food with a good conscience."

your gourmet hotel in the austrian tyrol

A good mix

As a gourmet hotel in the Austrian Tyrol, we are keen to use as much local and regional produce as possible. On top of the food and ingredients, the atmosphere is also a key part of an enjoyable dining experience. Here at Der Engel you won't find a large dining room but instead 15 unique wood-panelled rooms ranging from rustic to urban. As authentic and down-to-earth as the products from our local farmers. Refined with a pinch of sophistication and a dash of international flair. We like to let you look over our shoulder while we cook and invite you to visit us in our show kitchen. We also have a large wine cellar with 200 different selected wines from all over the world. Or drop by the bar and let us surprise you with a cocktail. Last but certainly not least, we also have our own hut called s'Um und Auf. A great way to experience the mountains!

regional produce

Blessed with the bounty of nature

We are infinitely blessed and grateful for the rich and varied natural produce that grows right here on our doorstep. Our kitchen team wouldn't use anything else! This guarantees that mainly seasonal regional products end up on your plate. Deeply rooted and open-minded – that is a good way to describe food here at Der Engel. Always new, sometimes surprising and always incredibly delicious! Little wonder we have been recognised in some of the top restaurant guides.

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