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alpine living in Tyrol

A home from
home in Heaven

Der Engel is your somewhat different home from home in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Located in the idyllic Tannheim Valley, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, we welcome guests in search of a place to escape the stress of daily life and get away from it all for a few precious moments. Visitors can look forward to a warm welcome and a unique atmosphere embodying the spirituality which makes our hotel in Grän a place where guests keep coming back year after year. Curious? Come and find out for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Dekoelement Wolken aus Draht, Design Organic Spa | Der Engel in Tirol
 Earth and in between?

Us & you.


orgänic spa

Wellness and beauty
in the Austrian Tyrol

Our Orgänic Spa is the heart and soul of Der Engel. The moment you enter you will feel transported to a new world – a place somewhere between Heaven and Earth where world outside seems a million miles away. Open out your arms, close your eyes, take a deep breath and simply let yourself fall. Float on the water's surface, lie down on the recliners. Let what seems like a thousand hands pamper you. And just before you get ready to re-enter the real world, take a few more seconds for yourself to simply enjoy the moment. Heavenly!

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Food & drink

Original. Orgänic.
Grown and harvested in the local region, prepared by hand in our kitchen – here at Der Engel we draw on the richness of nature to offer guests food which showcases the very best the Tannheim Valley has to offer.
Der Engel is the perfect place
to experience the full range of
culinary delights our region
has to offer.


Reach for the sky

Der Engel lies in one of Austria's most beautiful hiking regions, perched above (or, at least, nearly above) the clouds at 1,138 metres altitude. The Tannheim Valley is known as one of the most idyllic high alpine valleys not only in Austria but in the whole world. Activities on offer here include hiking, mountain biking, climbing, yoga and many more. Ready to start exploring? Let's go!

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holidays in the austrian Tyrol

Welcome to the
Hotel of Angels

The name of our hotel, Der Engel, translates simlpy as "The Angel". Here in the village of Grän in the heart of the Tannheim Valley guests can look forward to an angelic holiday experience somewhere between Heaven and Earth. Our hotel is a place where we are proud of our roots yet keen to embrace the future. A place of traditional wood-panelled rooms with modern elements. A place where sustainability is not just a word but a way of life. A place where you can connect with the Alps, relax in our Orgänic Spa and enjoy culinary temptations from around the world in our restaurant. In short, a place like no other.

Outside, the nature of the Austrian Alps awaits. Hiking, biking, climbing or simply relaxing – there are many ways to experience othe Tannheim Valley. Whichever you choose, don't forget to stop every now and then to raise your eyes to the sky and enjoy the landscape here in our little piece of paradise somewhere between Heaven and Earth.


With Good Vibes

A little piece of
of Heaven for that little
extra joy.

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award-winning hotel

We are floating on cloud 7. For the first time since 1748, we were able to receive the Wellness Heaven Award in the Wellness & Spa category. We are now one of the 15 best wellness hotels in Europe & Asia in 2023. We are incredibly proud of this.

3 Lilies / 18 Points & Warm Welcome Lily Award

The Relax Guide has awarded us 3 out of 4 Lilies and 18 out of a possible 20 points – a huge honour and a recognition of the hard work put in by the team here at Der Engel. This guide evaluates hotels in the six categories Nature & Location, Atmosphere, Infrastructure & Service Quality, Customer Support & Sales as well as Price & Value for Money. The testers were particularly impressed by our warm welcome and cosy atmosphere as well as the beautiful restaurant terrace and hearty breakfast buffet. And, of course, there was a special mention for all those hard-working angels here at Der Engel. A huge THANK YOU to our team.

Der Engel has received TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence every single year since 2012. In 2021 we were also proud to receive the Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Award, an honour reserved for the top 1% of all hotels worldwide listed on TripAdvisor. THANK YOU to all our fantastic guests.

In 2021 Der Engel was recognised by the Connoisseur Circle in the category Spa Hotels. Covering a total of four countries, Connoisseur Circle is the only platform in Europa whose objective rating system is based on data from TrustYou as well as reviews from the general public and an assessment by an expert panel of judges. The testers who visited us were particularly impressed by the outstanding service they experienced at the hotel.

We are pleased and proud to have been awarded the SPA Star Award 2021 in the category Newcomers. Our innovative concept was well received by the panel of experts, who went out of their way to praise the hotel's architecture and interior design. Special praise was also reserved for our Orgänic Spa as well as our food & beverage area. Seems like our concept here at Der Engel is a real hit with industry experts!

"Bewusst Tirol" is an award given to hotels and restaurants which make a special effort to use regional and seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers. We are proud to have been named the best hotel in our local area and will continue to support farmers and other food producers in the valley as we strive to preserve the beautiful landscape here in the Austrian Tyrol.

The AgrarMarktAustria (AMA) is the national association responsible for food standards in Austria. Hotels and restaurants committed to using high-quality ingredients prepared fresh to order can be awarded the AMA-Gastrosiegel, which we were proud to receive in 2021. By the way, guests who want to take a look at how we work behind the scenes are always welcome in our kitchen!

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