Orgänic Spa

spa hotel in the austrian tyrol

One step closer to Heaven at Der Engel

Here at Der Engel, a visit to the spa is the ultimate in purity. A natural experience for all the senses. A place where anything is possible but nothing is a must. Take the plunge or hide away. In our Orgänic Spa we have used 43,000 pieces of driftwood to create countless cosy nests where you can withdraw from the world and find your own little piece of paradise. Like giant bird's nests offering comfort and protection, they form the heart of our Orgänic Spa.

We believe we can fly.
And you?

From the Tannheim Valley
to the world. From one
generation to the next.

The  Orgänic Spa

  • 8,000m² total spa and relaxation area
  • 4,000m² Orgänic Spa (adults only)
  • 3,000m² clothed family area
  • 1,000m² Alpine Garden

the roots of the orgänic spa

Elke. Who she is and what makes her tick?

"Our Orgänic Spa here at Der Engel is the realisation of a life-long dream. We don't want to be just any spa hotel – we strive to make Der Engel an authentic place with a genuinely warm welcome where guests feel at home. Not artificial but artistic. Not superficial but sustainable. A special place in the beautiful Tannheimer Tal valley, somewhere between Heaven and Earth. Inspired by nature, which provides the bedrock and backdrop. A place created by me, Elke, for you."

Our philosophy

spa holidays
between heaven and earth

The New Orgänic

Our Elke is known for her visionary power and her passionate commitment. That can be seen throughout Der Engel and in particular our Orgänic Spa with its eye-catching architecture and deep-rooted philosophy. The materials with their earthy colours are sourced from the surrounding region, including the driftwood you will find in many places throughout the spa. Works of art made of woven and rolled textiles, hand-knotted nets and a multitude of lovingly selected details make the Orgänic Spa so unique. Everything is round, everything flows. It's hard to say where the landscape of the Tannheimer Tal valley begins and where Der Engel ends. The huge panoramic windows seem to bring the mountains and meadows into the hotel. Nature and nuture. Pulsating, breathing, alive. Find a tree, build a nest, curl up and dream away!

Water is life. Our wellness hotel in the Austrian Tyrol has its own water world. The indoor pool, kept at a constant 30°C, invites guests to relax and let the stress of daily life slip away. Our outdoor pool heated all year round (31°C) has its own relax zone where swimmers can reach for the sky. Don't forget to check out our chillout pool with its whirlpool loungers. On hot days the mountain lake is a good place to cool off – before warming up again in one of the saunas. Then, when things get too hot, hop back out of the sauna and into the plunge pool – or try the Kneipp water therapy wading pool with its alternating warm and cold water designed to stimulate the blood circulation.

Explore the water world

Be it after an alpine hike, a mountain-bike ride or an eventful day in the snow, there is no better way to relax tired muscles than with a visit to the sauna. Here at Der Engel we have a selection of ten saunas, including steam baths, a salt grotto and an infrared pinewood cabin. Don't forget to visit our event sauna with themed infusions – essential oils aromas combined with acoustic and visual special effects make for a spectacular experience.

Discover our sauna world

Holidays are first and foremost about one thing: relaxing. There is so much going on in our lives that this precious good is often in short supply. That is why here at Der Engel we are determined to create a place where guests can finally find that peace and quiet they have been longing for all year. Doing nothing, letting your thoughts wander, watching the world go by. La dolce vita, as the Italians say. Guests in search of rest and purity are spoilt for choice in our Orgänic Spa. The hardest choice is where to start. The chillout room with its panoramic views? A lie down on one of the waterbeds? Or maybe just hanging out for a bit in one of our chairs suspended from the ceiling?

Get ready to relax

Purity is about more than just the body. True relaxation also encompasses the mind and the soul. At Der Engel we offer a wide range of activities and treatments such as yoga and massages aimed at both physical and mental recovery. Or maybe you have your own personal way of decompressing – a glass of wine, a good book, or a little retail therapy in our Der Engel Shop. One sure-fire way to clear your head is to step out onto the terrace and simply marvel at the spectacular landscape we have been blessed with in the Tannheim Valley.

More on yoga & meditation

Du suchst nach dem Energieausgleich zwischen zwei Polen? Dann bist du hier richtig. Neben zahlreichen Fitnesskursen indoor & outdoor steht dir auch ein Personal Fitnesscoaching zur Verfügung, gepaart mit modernsten Fitnessgeräten in unserem Gym. Egal ob du dir im Urlaub endlich die Zeit nimmst, mit dem Training durchzustarten oder ob du täglich trainierst, wir finden bestimmt das richtige Workout für dich.

Zu unserem Fitnessraum & -programm

Day SPA at der Engel hotel in the austrian tyrol

A day of pure pampering

Our hotel is open to day spa guests from Monday to Saturday (except during the school holidays). Please book in advance as there is a limited number of places. Day Spa service vouchers that have already been purchased can still be redeemed according to the voucher and booked service, please inform our reception when making your booking.

Day spa including breakfast & lunch: € 144,00

  • Free use of our Orgänic Spa from 08:00 until 20:00
  • Breakfast buffet from 08:00 until 10:30
  • Lunch buffet from 12:30 until 15:00 as well as salad buffet and a selection of cakes and pastries
  • Muesli, fruits, juice and tea available at the snack zone in our swimming area (until 18:00)
  • Spa bag with fluffy bathrobe and towels (please bring your own bathing slippers)
  • Infusions in our saunas
  • Participation in courses from our activity programme

Day spa including lunch: € 116,00

  • Free use of our Orgänic Spa from 08:00 until 20:00
  • Lunch buffet from 12:30 until 15:00 as well as salad buffet and a selection of cakes and pastries
  • Muesli, fruits, juice and tea available at the snack zone in our swimming area (until 18:00)
  • Spa bag with fluffy bathrobe and towels (please bring your own bathing slippers)
  • Infusions in our saunas
  • Participation in courses from our activity programme

Balance Alpine 1000+ Release Your Mind

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow plucking, steaming, facial massage with neck and décolleté, moisturising mask, eye and finishing care.

ca. 80 mins
€ 120,00

Anti Toxic Face Treatment

The more toxins and acids are stored in the skin, the faster it ages. These are environmental toxins and substances that we absorb through breathing and food. The skin can now be magnetically freed from deposits. Anti-Toxic introduces toxin-binding serums into the skin. The toxins are then extracted with special magnets. The complexion is fresh, clean and well perfused. This treatment includes cleansing, enzyme peeling and the Anti-Toxic treatment.

ca. 80 mins
€ 120,00

Great Ayurvedic Time Out

Because you are worth it.
(Minimum stay 7 nights)

  • Padabhyanga
  • Shiroabhyanga
  • Mukabhyanga
  • Abhyanga
  • Shirodhara (forehead oil pouring, can only be booked as a package)
€ 568,00

Ligne St. Barth Harmony

With ivy gel and menthol oil, this treatment is suitable for tightening connective tissue all over the body. For the finish, the individual favorite body lotion with avocado oil is available.

ca. 50 mins
€ 85,00

Vinoble Relax

Exfoliating glove massage, oil pampering massage, body powder and body wrap.

ca. 50 mins
€ 90,00

Balance Alpine 1000+ Full body massage

During the full body massage - completely "englike" - the back, legs and arms are massaged. You can choose between two Balance Alpine oils.

ca. 50 mins
€ 78,00

Pine full body and face massage

The body is gently massaged with the pine wood heated to 70 degrees. The scent of pine wood has a positive effect on the body and mind, the heart rate is regulated and the massage prevents sleep disorders.

ca. 80 mins
€ 145,00

Romantic bath

Pampering for two. Enjoy relaxing moments in togetherness in our duo tub with a glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruit as well as small appetizers.

ca. 45 mins
€ 80,00
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