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cancellation fees

You've just booked the best time of the year, then something unexpected comes up and you have to cancel your stay. We, and probably you too, hate it when that kind of thing happens. Please be aware of the following cancellation fees, which are in accordance with Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions (2006).

Until 3 months before stay 3 months to 1 month before stay 1 month to 1 week before stay Last week before stay
No cancellation fee 40%  70%  90%
bis 3 Monate vor dem Aufenthalt Keine Stornogebühr
3 Monate bis 1 Monat vor dem Aufenthalt 40 % 
1 Monat bis 1 Woche vor dem Aufenthalt 70 %
In der letzten Woche vor dem Aufenthalt 90 %

The total cost of the stay or the all-inclusive week is used as the basis for calculating the cancellation fees. We offer you travel and cancellation insurance to protect you in the event that do you have to cancel your stay.

Cancellation conditions according to AustrianHotel Contract Conditions

cancellation protection

  • Policy holder is unable to travel for medical reasons.
  • Death, serious accident or unexpected severe illness of policy holder, spouse or close relative (parents, children, etc.)
  • Policy holder loses job due to no fault of his/her own.

The insurance must be taken out at the same time as the booking confirmation is returned.

The insurance coverage starts with the return of the booking confirmation and ends with your departure. For cancellations within three days prior to your arrival we will charge 50% of the accommodation price if we are unable to sell the room you booked to another guest.

All costs which the policy holder contractually owes to the hotelier at the time of the occurrence of the insured event (according to Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions).

The insurance premium is €3 per adult and booked night. When you take out cancellation insurance, the corresponding premium is automatically added to your accommodation bill and charged on departure.

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