Art at the Engel

lends us wings!

Exploring new worlds, stimulating the spirit, giving free rein to your thoughts - this is not only exciting but also represents a basic need for all people.  At Hotel Engel we therefore concentrate not only on meeting the culinary and wellness wishes of our guests, but also aim to lend wings to their spirit. Exciting paintings decorate our walls and on their stroll to our Engel's Bergsee holidaymakers will discover impressive sculptures, which have a fascinating relationship with their surroundings. Every two years we celebrated the arts by organising an event for cultural enthusiasts. At our PURE ART DAYS we invite guests, artists and local people to admire impressive works of art together with us, to exchange ideas and simply be inspired.

Art at the Hotel Engel
Hotel Engel - Art Gallery
Art Gallery Hotel Engel

2014: Josef & Amrei Müller

Amrei Müller, who was born in Memmingen, works with two highly contrasting materials: wood which makes an impression of vitality, and apparently cold concrete. She uses these highly contrasting materials to represent human beings in all their facets.

The aim of the objects in wood created by Josef Müller is to stimulate the curiosity of observers and encourage them to see the everyday world in a fresh way. The focus is always on a fruitful dialogue between art and those who observe it.

2013: Anton Amort

For the artist, who was born in Matrei am Brenner, creating art means deconstructing and shaping ideas, and giving a new identity to what is old and new. He works with hard materials, which in general contrast with human beings in their immalleable consistency.

Using the elements of nature, he develops his ideas in metal, stone and wood.

2011: Michael Defner

The sculptor Michael Defner exhibits his large-scale sculptures – including masterpieces such as the "Weltzeitenmessmaschine" and the "Wächter".

The Innsbruck artist has made an international name for himself with design projects on behalf of Daniel Swarowski and artistic objects for Andre Heller's "Giardino Botanico" park in Gardone-Riviera.