St. Barth's body treatment


approx. 25 min. | Euro 40,-
A relaxing peeling massage for a velvety smooth, soft and even skin. The fruit enzymes of fresh papaya and a special, mineralised sea sand complex remove dead skin cells. Pure coconut oil effectively maintains the skin and provides it with valuable nutrition.

Body Treatment "Harmony"

approx. 50 min. | Euro 75,-
A gentle and pampering body treatment which provides total relaxation. The relaxation phase has the same energising force as a deep sleep for several hours. The treatment is rounded off by a touch of Caribbean luxury. You select your favourite body lotion with cold-pressed avocado oil and the scent of pure bourbon vanilla, the Caribbean tiare flower or an especially delicate lily.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 85,-
An exclusive body pack and beneficial relaxation massage. You select your favourite scent from pure bourbon vanilla, the delicate tiare flower or exotic lily. A creamy, silky pack is gently spread all over your body. After the body pack has pampered your skin intensively with nutrients and lipids from premium-quality plant oils, you relax while you receive a wonderfully scented beneficial massage. The result is a visibly improved, velvety smooth skin on your entire body.