approx. 25 min. | Euro 38,-
Balancing – harmonising – cleansing – energising


approx. 80 min. | Euro 119,-
Full-body massage with warm oils which are specially selected for your type. The special massage technique has a positive effect on the skin, the nervous system, the muscles, the veins and arteries, the cardiovascular system and the lungs. It supports and regulates the body's own cleansing and detoxifying processes. Soothes the body, mind and soul.


approx. 80 min. | Euro 108,-
A soft massage with silk cloths, brushes and hands. Stress and tensions are released. The body, spirit and soul are stabilised and the nervous system is calmed. The body experiences a journey of the senses, and new perceptions are aroused.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
The head, shoulder and neck regions receive an extensive massage with selected herbal oils. The scalp is vitalised and nourished. The activation of specific vital points ensures the relaxation of the entire head and scalp.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
This treatment of the back with highly effective oils has a nourishing and strengthening impact on the individual zones. After that liquid fango is applied and warmth is added.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
The ayurveda anointment of the head is a wonderful type of application, which puts body and spirit in a condition of total relaxation and calm. Shirodhara calms and reinforces the senses. For your information: this is not an initial treatment but a further application after ayurveda body massages.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
Dry treatment with raw silk gloves. Stimulates the metabolism and circulation. Garshan is highly effective when it comes to the detoxification and regeneration of the tissues. The application of premium-quality care products which are massaged into the skin afterwards make a useful contribution to targeted weight loss and cellulitis problems. Including a garshan glove for use at home


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
This foot treatment has an especially vitalising effect, thanks to the combination of foot bath and oil massage which focuses on the various energy points. It creates a feeling of lightness and relaxation in the feet, especially in cases of circulation problems, water accumulation and lack of exercise.


approx. 50 min. | Euro 78,-
The harmonising treatment of the abdomen has a strengthening and purgative effect on the abdominal tissue. Coordinated use of active ingredients has a regulating effect on digestion and menstruation.